Rebirth of Qing Chuan--Almost Cute

Original Title: Down-the-hole Drill for Steel Pipe Pile Construction Summary of steel pipe pile construction of Xiaoxi Bridge in expressway

Or when the ministers saw Suoetu doing this, they thought it was his intention and were afraid, so they followed suit and all came with gold, silver and jewelry to apologize! Thinking of this, Kangxi confirmed that this Suoetu was the stone that threw the stone to ask the way. As for the follow-up Tong Guowei and others, they were scared of themselves, afraid that he would settle accounts, so they hurriedly took out the family property and pleaded guilty. Baocheng, grow up! Chapter 510 a life of waves. Kangxi could not say whether he was happy or unhappy about Yinhe's action this time. It is said that his son has grown up, he should be happy, but his heart is really a little strange, I do not know what feeling, can only use complex expression. Kangxi collected the memorials and began to be busy with the memorials. But at this time of the clan mansion, in each room, all shut two ministers. When they were bored, they gathered together to talk. I don't know what Long Live will do to us. "Well, who knows?" "The law does not blame the public, it should not be too much punishment, right?!" There are also people who have a good mentality, and they still take chances. It is funny to say that when they entered the clan mansion, their official clothes were stripped off, so at the moment, they were all dressed in white clothes, sitting on the stone pier and chatting. Tong Guowei looked at the crowd coldly, all of them were anxious, not knowing what punishment they would receive, and worried about their official career. But these people do not include Suoetu! "Lord Suo, why aren't you worried?"? I'm in a good mood! Tong Guowei looked at Suoetu and said in a cold voice. Tong Guowei has never spoken since he entered the clan mansion. At this time, he suddenly opened his mouth and reminded everyone at once. Yes, how could they forget! This matter, but he Suo'etu started it! The crowd looked at Soetu to see what he would say. Suo Ertu originally listened to the gossip of the crowd, listening with relish, Tong Guowei a word, let the crowd look at him one after another. Suo'etu was somewhat surprised, and was stared at by the crowd all the time. Suo'etu had to say, "I'm repentant, and I've taken out the family property again. Long live you, you remember your old love, and you won't be too strict. What are you afraid of?" Suo'etu won't say he has a prince to protect him, he's not afraid! What Suoetu said, as we all know, the law does not blame the public, and Long Live Master will not be too strict with them. But what they want to know is, why did Soetu take the lead? They didn't hear that Long Live is going to thoroughly investigate corruption and bribery! Everyone looked at me, I looked at you, and finally someone asked, "I don't know, why did Lord Suo suddenly confess these things to Lord Long Live?" Soetu rolled his eyes. Can he tell the truth? Of course not, so Suoetu began to perform, pretending to be distressed and repentant, Narrow aisle rack , saying: "Since I resigned, I have nothing to do all day, so I began to recall my life.". I assisted the emperor in capturing Oboi and pacifying the Three Feudatories, which can be described as a magnificent life! However, I have also made many mistakes, and accepting bribes is a big mistake! "You can't just take this mistake with you, can you?" Suo'etu took one look at the crowd and was proud to see that they were silent. He went on to say, "Although I have done something wrong, I can make up for it. Even if I do everything for the whole family, I will make up for it. I can't be sorry for the people all over the world!" Suoetu's performance was indeed very successful. People were moved by what he said, and they all recalled what they had done for most of their lives? Tong Guowei watched the crowd run away by Suo'etu, and he could only grind his teeth and secretly hate him. In this clan mansion, there is also the eyes of Long Live Master. I'm afraid that Long Live Master will know what Suo'etu said before tomorrow. If he says anything else at this time, it is not a good thing! Therefore, Tong Guowei can only temporarily put the matter down. Chapter 511 has been reduced a lot. Sure enough, Kangxi ordered people to monitor the clan mansion, and what Suoetu said was recorded by the eyes and sent to Kangxi that night. Kangxi looked at it and said to the old fox that he did not know whether to laugh or cry, and then put it down. For several days in a row, Kangxi seemed to have forgotten the people and let them stay in the clan mansion. Thinking that we can't punish them too much now, we should also let them suffer a little. Therefore, Kangxi specially asked people to find seven elder brother Yin You to come over and told him that there would be big things in a few days, so he should save some money. Yin You understood what Kangxi meant and promised that Kangxi would let him go back. As soon as Yin You returned to the clan mansion, he went to the kitchen first and changed the three meals a day originally given to the ministers into two meals a day. Not only that, but also changed the original two dishes and one soup into pickled cucumber with white rice. Such a poor life, people only happy to spend a day, then can not stand, all want to find seven elder brother said. But Yin You was inspired, not to see the people, not only that, but also ordered the heart to guard the door of the clan mansion, in case the ladies came to him crying. Yes, since Suo'etu entered the clan mansion, the next day, his wife came after him and sent him a lot of money and two sets of clothes. Yin You, for the sake of his second brother, let them meet. Tong Guowei and others entered the clan mansion, and the next day, several ladies begged to see their own men. As soon as Yin You says no, they can wipe their tears in front of you. You say this one, Yin You can endure, but this directly seven or eight women cry in front of you, who can stand it? In this way, Yin You did the man behind the scenes, only issued orders, but no one was seen. When the ladies saw that there was no hope, they gradually stopped coming. Suoetu had silver sent by his wife. At first, he could buy two dishes with silver, but slowly, his money ran out. He had no choice but to eat clear porridge and pickle cucumbers with everyone. For a long time, Suo'etu is also a little anxious, Prince Ye is not pleading, how can there be no news? He's been waiting for almost ten days! And Tong Guowei and others, is also sighing, people accumulated over the years down the rich belly, also began to become smaller. Also because of this, people walk, is no longer panting appearance.


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