Paraffin Wax Market Size, Share, Demand, Growth & Trends by 2032

Paraffin Wax Market by Product Type, Application & Region - Forecast 2022 to 2032

As per Future Market Insights’ latest industry analysis, the paraffin wax market is expected to see a substantial CAGR of 5.7%, and is projected to increase from US$ 9.2 billion in 2021 to US$ 15.98 billion by 2032.

Due to their greater water resistance compared to packaging materials, paraffin wax market share is also anticipated to increase significantly during the projection period. In an effort to promote the expansion of the paraffin wax market, makers of paraffin wax are constantly expanding their base oil facilities.

Charts and data tables about market and segment sizes for a historic period of five (2022 to 2032) years have been covered in this report. Download the sample report:

The paraffin wax market share is also supported by rising shale oil production and exploration in the United States, Russia, China, and Brazil. As people become more aware of the importance of the environment, the market for paraffin wax is expected to grow, along with the demand for aromatherapy.

Top international corporations use paraffin wax as a thermal insulator and for aesthetic purposes in packaging.

It is projected that the increased use of environmentally acceptable substitutes including polyethylene wax, soy wax, and beeswax provide difficulties for the paraffin wax market expansion. In addition, hazardous vapors are produced when burning paraffin wax. Asthma or lung cancer could result from it.

Since paraffin wax is used to coat pills, the pharmaceutical industry has a significant demand for it. The market share of paraffin wax is growing due to its numerous applications in household cleaning products and for insulating electrical nodes and appliances.

Key Takeaways from Market Study

  • The paraffin wax market is expected to have a CAGR of 5.7% during the forecast period.
  • The paraffin wax market is having a market valuation of US$ 9.6 billion in 2022.
  • The paraffin wax market had a market valuation of US$ 9.1 billion in 2021.
  • The market is segmented based on product type, wherein the semi-refined accounted for an adequate global paraffin wax market share by 2032.
  • The market is segmented based on application, wherein the candles segment accounted for a significant paraffin wax market share by 2032.
  • The Asia-Pacific paraffin wax market is anticipated to lead at the fastest rate during the forecast period.
  • The North America paraffin wax market is expected to grow significantly, with a prodigious market share during the forecast period.

Competitive Landscape:

The paraffin wax market offers several opportunities for small enterprises and startups to create low-cost manufacturing and processing processes. As there are so many important players in the sector, the expansion of the global paraffin wax market is highly fragmented and diverse in its structure. The paraffin wax industry relies heavily on mergers and acquisitions.

Some of the major key players in the paraffin wax market are Sinopec, ExxonMobil, PetroChina Company Limited, Sasol, International Group, Inc., IOCL, Honeywell, Petrobras, Nippon Seiro Co., Ltd, Petro-Canada, Repsol, HR Group, and CEPSA.

Key segments

By Product Type:

  • Fully Refined
  • Semi Refined
  • Others

By Application:

  • Candles
  • Packaging
  • Cosmetics
  • Hotmelts
  • Board Sizing
  • Rubber

By Region:

  • North America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East Africa
  • Latin America

Recent Developments: Mergers, Acquisition and Collaboration

  • ExxonMobil offers completely refined paraffin waxes with low, mid, and high melting points under the ParvanTM brand. They are utilized in a variety of products, including candles, paper conversion, adhesives, wax mixes and emulsions, PVC extrusion lubricants, and cosmetic formulations.
  • To fulfill the rising demand for waxes used in candles, emulsions, and hot melt adhesives, ExxonMobil announced plans to expand its Group II and Group II base oil production facilities in Baytown, Texas, in the United States, in February 2013.

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