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Vaping devices come in different types and sizes. Carefully assess which vaping device suits your style and requirement before buying from a smoke shop or a tobacco shop.

Vaping devices come in different types and sizes. Carefully assess which vaping device suits your style and requirement before buying from a smoke shop or a tobacco shop. Vaping devices are either Nicotine vapes or Cannabis (and CBD) vapes. Let’s briefly understand these two types of vapes:

  1. Powered by lithium-ion batteries, Nicotine vapes are devices you can easily hold in your hand. They give a smoking sensation barring combustion. Nicotine vapes offer various flavors, such as tobacco, desserts, etc. You can also go unflavored with your Nicotine vapes if you so desire. Customize nicotine from 0% to 5%, as per your suitability.
  2. Cannabis / CBD vapes, used with CBD or THC, are either battery-powered portable devices or larger desktop devices. These vapes can also get power from electrical supplies for material heating, used with botanicals, such as dry herbs, concentrates, etc.

But that’s not all. There’s more to substances when it comes to vapes—herbs, vitamins, vaporized coffee, etc. Barring the various substances at “work” in the devices, the devices used are identical to nicotine or cannabis vapes.

Overlaps would exist between nicotine or cannabis vapes when you visit a smoke shop or a tobacco shop. The much-popular classic vape pen acts as a nicotine and a cannabis vape.

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A1 vape store, Fontana, CA, is your ultimate vape device destination. A1 vape store offers varied choices and detailed guidance on selecting the finest vaping device. Now let’s examine in detail various Nicotine vapes or Cannabis (and CBD) vapes.

Nicotine vapes

Almost all nicotine vapes may also be called “e-cigarettes.” But this terminology is ideally referred to handy devices the size and shape of a cigarette. Nicotine vapes also have other forms:

  1. E-cigarettes are no fuss, handy vapes you can unpack and use readily. When finished, dispose of the device; repeat the process. E-cigarettes would suit you if you travel a lot or stay busy enough to spare time to mingle with tiny vaping devices. E-cigarettes go great with high nicotine to offer a satisfying hit, suitable for wannabe smoking quitters looking for a speedy vaping point.

The pros of an e-cigarette are its small size, usage convenience, and enablers of disguised and discreet vaping with economical pricing. Its cons are waste-increasing one-time use, little output of flavor, and no refilling.

  1. Pod vapes are a two-part system with vape juice and a tiny battery. A pod vape has a battery and a replaceable and refillable pod. Affordable to buy and highly convenient, Pod vapes offer an elevated level of performance compared to e-cigarettes. Pod vapes go well with nicotine salt e-liquid (making them an ideal vape for nicotine).

The pros of pod vapes are their convenience, thoughtful usage-oriented form factor, refillability, button activation, and disguised vaping. Their cons are a lower vapor, battery recharging, and a difference in performance and quality across devices.

  1. Box mods are bigger and more powerful vape kits with a large size, superior performance, and sustainable battery life. Box mods have external vape batteries with temperature control, direct lung sub-ohm tanks, or mouth-to-lung clearomizers. A box mod starter kit is a single-battery mod with variable wattage and temperature control.

Box mods’ pros include a diverse range to choose from, better performance, internal or external batteries with a longer shelf life, and ease to use with other tanks. Their cons are being a bit advanced for newbies, expensive, complicated, and unsuitable for carrying in a pocket.

  1. Regulated squonk starter kits, a box mod starter kits’ sub-category, feed the atomizer with e-liquid. These kits have a regulated squonk that combines a squonk and an RDA. In the mod, via a 510, a bottle is connected to an atomizer deck to act as an external tank. Squonk starter kits are mods devices that store the e-liquid in a tube below the atomizer. These devices do not come with multiple options in the market. Advice is to opt for a vape mod with dual-18650 batteries to ensure better battery life and to run dual-coil RDAs. Squonks have top-performing devices, RDAs are customizable, don’t require dripping, enhance liquid capacity, offer storage for extra liquids, and freshly soaked wicks mean good flavor. But squonks are tedious for newbies, requiring regular cleaning for better flavors.

Cannabis and CBD vapes

  1. CBD vape pens are refillable vape pens requiring CBD e-juice. CBD vape pens have a tank plus a rechargeable 510-thread battery. CBD vape pens offer convenience with a pen-style form and are smaller with less weight than an average mod and tank. CBD vape pens make available direct-lung vaping or a mouth-to-lung draw. These vape pens are discreet, convenient, and economical, offering disguised vaping with better bioavailability. But CBD vape pens are low on power and vapor and are single-use.
  2. Weed THC oil pens are a two-part electronic device that vaporizes or distillates the THC / CBD oil. Weed vape pens are like writing pens in shape. Weed pens have a tiny battery to heat oil in an atomizer cartridge with a wick and a coil for heating. That’s how concentrates turn into vapor. Weed THC oil pens’ small structures make them convenient to use personally. They offer stealth medicating (fit for recreational purposes), are discreet, versatile, with a low odor. But their small batteries require regular charging. They have low power, need cleaning, are not advanced, and are still pricey.
  1. Portable cannabis (dry herb) vaporizers (PCVs) are handy devices having a design fit for vaporizing marijuana. An internal oven heats cannabis at specific temperatures for vapor production. PCVs are convenient, discreet, versatile, and stealthy, with a low odor. Frequent battery charging is a con, so also is regular cleaning plus parts maintenance.
  2. Desktop vaporizers mainly work with convection heating (or hot air) to efficiently soak the cannabinoids (viz. THC and CBD). Desktops are intense vapes, but their temperature is customizable. Desktop vaporizers enable vapor inhalation via a whip tube by working as heaters baking dry herbs at intended temperatures for vapor production.


Which vape is best for you is up to you, as per your needs, budget, and electronic vaping chronicles. Do assess the vaping devices’ size to match your daily lifestyle. The rest of the dilemmas this vaping guide will clear. Locate the A1 vape store in Fontana, CAto reach the nearest and the finest smoke shop or tobacco shop in your area. If you are not in Fontana, CA, search the internet for ‘A1 Smoke Shop Near Me’ to quench your vape thirst.