Sift Heads

You can edit this demo text!

How to use the editor:

Paste your documents in the visual editor on the left or your HTML code in the source editor in the right.
Edit any of the two areas and see the other changing in real time.

Click the Clean button to clean your source code.

Some useful features:

  1. interactive connection Interactive source editor

  2. html cleaner HTML Cleaning

  3. Word to html Word to HTML conversion

  4. replace text Find and Replace

  5. gibberish Lorem-Ipsum generator

  6. html table div Table to DIV conversion

Cleaning options:

Name of the feature Example Default
Remove tag attributes laughing (except img-src and a-href)
Remove inline styles You should neveruse inline styles! x
Remove classes and IDs Use classes to style everything. x
Remove all tags This leaves only the plain text. laughing
Remove successive nbsp;s Never use non-breaking spacesto set margins. x
Remove empty tags Empty tags should go!
Remove tags with one nbsp; This makesno sense! x
Remove span tags Span tags with all styles x
Remove images I am an image: laughing
Remove links This is a link.
Remove tables Takes everything out of the table.
Replace table tags with structured divs This text is inside a table.
Remove comments This is only visible in the source editor x
Encode special characters ☺ ★ x
Set new lines and text indents Organize the tags in a nice tree view.

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