Buyers and sellers with low unit price are blessed! Amazon Launches Free Delivery Service for $1 Items! _Prime

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Original title: Buyers and sellers with low unit price are blessed! Amazon Launches Free Delivery Service for $1 Items! Amazon, which started by buying books, has now developed into a global e-commerce giant with all kinds of products. But in the category of low-priced goods, Amazon is quite obviously limited, because the shipping cost of such goods is higher than the price of the goods themselves, which is equivalent to Amazon not making much money.. Amazon Launches Free Delivery Service for $1 Items To solve this problem, Amazon has been trying to find a way. In the past, Amazon buyers who wanted to buy items under $5 separately had to pay for their own shipping, which greatly reduced the enthusiasm of buyers. But now a wide range of lower-priced items, such as a $2 roll of dental floss or a 75-cent makeup brush, are offered free to Prime customers with "one-day" shipping. In the past, trying to buy a single item on Amazon, such as deodorant, required a fair amount of effort to get it — perhaps buying a four-pack,Medical Disposable Coverall, or having to pair a stick of deodorant as an "add-on" with other items to meet the $25 minimum threshold and then qualify for Prime Express shipping. But Amazon has now essentially canceled its "add-on" program, and has also begun bulk ordering of cheap goods that it once rejected because of profitability problems. Analysts at Edgewater Research noted the changes and wrote in a September research note that Amazon "has largely shut down its" add-on "program in recent months.". What are the product categories most affected by the changes? Consumer packaging or CPG items, covering everything from deodorant to toothpaste to shampoo. Buyers and sellers are happy, competitors want to cry without tears. Shipping is also free for $1 items and can be delivered in one day. That means Amazon could become the go-to retailer for a regularly consumed category of household goods that Amazon has yet to penetrate deeply. For example, you can buy mild deodorant on Amazon for $1.99, or dental floss for $1.79, or even a 75-cent makeup brush. As long as you are an Amazon Prime member in the United States, free shipping disposable coverall ,KN95 Face Mask, you can buy it at will without additional shipping costs. For Prime customers, the convenience of having such a cheap item delivered so quickly may be unmatched. For brands and sellers, it is also more conducive to product sales growth and customer development. But for retailers like Target or CVS, these changes could have huge consequences because disposable consumer goods are often purchased all at once. At the same time, the moves are likely to fuel complaints that Amazon is engaging in anti-competitive practices, even though current laws generally protect companies that keep prices low for consumers. An Amazon spokesman declined to comment on possible anticompetitive issues. Instead, she said, "We know customers like the wide selection we've improved, the low prices and the free one-day shipping with Prime, and we're always innovating to improve the customer experience." Finally, if you are an Amazon global seller, an FBA seller, and a private lable registered brand (not the main seller), then wimoor will be your best choice! It is a free Amazon cross-border e-commerce ERP under Shenzhen Wanmo Information Technology Co., Ltd. Six features of wimoor: 1. You can get a large number of long tail words recommended by Amazon for free, and it is no longer a problem to set the title and Search term; 2. Detailed data analysis, in-depth promotion, logistics, advertising, warehousing and commission costs; 3. Say goodbye to muddled accounts, settle up to 40 items of cost data with one key, and sort out their own profits; 4. Intelligently calculate the replenishment date and quantity of commodities according to the sales volume and stock cycle of FBA commodities; 5, accurate analysis of FBA redundant inventory, calculation of turnover times,KN95 Mask with Fast Shipping, targeted replenishment; 6. Analyze the abnormal distribution fee of FBA, estimate the storage cost, and control the risk of details. Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.


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